The Cobra Group of Companies has a philosophy of entrepreneurship. We specialise in incubating, developing and managing a diverse portfolio of start-up businesses and successful companies.

The organisation was originally founded as Cobra Group by Chris Niarchos, in Sydney, in 1988. His aim was to build a professional, innovative and personalised direct sales and marketing business.

By the early 1990s the company had expanded into more than a dozen countries, and Chris had well and truly achieved his original objective.

Over the next decade, Cobra Group diversified into many other business areas so it was necessary to give the original, now truly global direct sales business a unique identity and, in 2011, Appco Group was born.

All sales and marketing activity was re-branded under Appco Group and, today, Appco remains a global leader in the industry, operating in 29 countries and recognised for its excellence in face-to-face customer acquisition.

Meanwhile, the addition and development of many other successful businesses within the Cobra Group family – including SG Global Support Services and Cobra Technology – resulted in what is known today as The Cobra Group of Companies.

The family may be diverse, but the Group is united by a common theme of opening up a world of opportunity to the people who work with us, or who are associated with one of our group companies.