The Cobra Group of Companies / Appco Group

Appco Group is the global leader in quality face-to-face marketing. From humble beginnings in Sydney, Australia, Appco Group has expanded across the globe and now operates in 28 countries across five continents.

Appco Group sells products and services on behalf of blue-chip companies across more than a dozen industries and acquires long-term donors for well-known charities, via its face-to-face sales and marketing campaigns.

We believe high quality, responsible face-to-face marketing and fundraising creates a connection with consumers, delivers value to clients and allows us to support the small businesses and entrepreneurs across our marketing network.

Appco Group developed the Human Commercial™ which sees us deliver informed, personalised, high-quality sales presentations to more than one million people across the world every day and secure hundreds of thousands of new customers for our clients every year. The Human Commercial™ continues to be the benchmark for the industry.

We take pride in helping to add value to our clients’ bottom line by securing new customers, or raising funds for their vital causes.

Our proven face-to-face sales methodology sees us deliver to our clients in excess of \$US4 billion in revenue every year, via the new customers or donors we acquire for them.

For more information, please visit the Appco Worldwide page to find the contact for your region.