The Cobra Group of Companies / Cobra Group Investments

The Cobra Group of Companies invests in a number of different industries and businesses across a wide range of projects and set up Cobra Group Investments to identify, manage and get the best possible returns on its investments.

Cobra Group Investments’ vision is to invest in projects that will deliver strategic value across the Group and to provide entrepreneurs – be they individuals or existing companies – with funding, expertise and guidance to help create successful businesses.

Our focus is on projects that have synergy with Cobra Group’s core businesses and, where possible, to develop value creation opportunities within our core expertise of face-to-face sales and marketing.

Our successful investments include projects in:

  • energy and home efficiency
  • field marketing
  • contact centres
  • payment systems
  • management consulting
  • technology
  • property development
  • aviation
  • information technology and software development
  • health
  • recruitment.

For start-ups, we work with management teams in the initial incubation and investment phase by providing funding, business management support and guidance as they move into fully fledged companies in their own right. From there, we continue to provide support to ensure the company is on track to achieve its objectives and potential. This continues until the time is right to close the loop – be it a straight-out sale, private equity play or listing.

If you are interested in discussing a potential investment opportunity with the Cobra Group, please contact us at: