The Cobra Group of Companies / Global Fundraising Services

Global Fundraising Services is a professional fundraising agency committed to providing premium acquisition and donor care services to our charity partners around the world.

We work alongside charities and NGOs in 25 countries and have local teams of skilled people dedicated to delivering our services.  Over many years, Global Fundraising Services has invested in all aspects of its fundraising services to deliver the best possible end-to-end solutions to our charity partners. Our services fall into two categories:

Donor acquisition

Through our face-to-face fundraising channel, Appco Group Support, Global Fundraising Services provides a range of donor acquisition programmes, helping charities fund their causes effectively and making sure that all potential donors are engaged in friendly and informative conversations. Read more about our donor-acquisition services.

Donor experience

We put the experiences of our charity partners’ donors first by providing professional innovative back end solutions provider for charities and NGOs, including swift and secure donation processing, financial reconciliation, intelligent data analytics and tailored donor communications.

A donor’s experience, from the moment they choose to donate, is fundamental to them continuing their on-going support for a charity’s cause. Through our donor-care partners, Donor First and SG Global Support Services, we help charities optimise their donors’ experience, while improving improve ROIs and the way they communicate and understand their donors.

Donor First and SG Global Support Services work along side Appco Group Support, providing a holistic offer that can conveniently escort charities through their acquisitions-payments-reporting-welcome communications, with ease.

For more information, please visit the Global Fundraising Services website to find the contact for your region.