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Monday, March 30th, 2015

Appco Group Home Efficiency does more than ‘just’ reduce customers’ energy bills

Pete Carson, General Manager – Appco Group UK Home Efficiency, looks at the positive impact the division has for energy customers, clients and the environment. More than £14m cut from UK homeowners’ energy bills in 2014 is an incredible headline stat, but this only scratches the surface of Appco Group Home Efficiency’s impact on the energy efficiency industry, government carbon reduction obligations and of course, the communities. This figure highlights the fantastic reduction in the cost of living our customers will benefit from in the first year. What it doesn’t tell us is that this isn’t just a one-off saving. Our customers will gain the benefit of this cost reduction year after year. Cavity wall insulation, for example, comes with a 25-year guarantee. Over this period, customers stand to save up to £350m on their energy bills! I am very proud that the Appco Group network has helped our clients’ customers to realise actual savings, over a sustained period of time – and, commonly, with no upfront cost. Are there any other benefits to Appco Group Home Efficiency’s work? Looking at energy-bill savings is one of the most important impacts we have had, but by no means is it the only impact. By educating customers in their own homes, we have raised awareness of the local and global importance of energy efficiency. Customers see the benefit we provide and we help them understand other measures to make their property more energy efficient and save money on their energy bills. The UK’s housing stock is among the least energy efficient in Europe, and is responsible for nearly a quarter of our annual carbon emissions. By installing measures to improve efficiency, we and our partners not only help to improve the efficiency of the housing stock, but also play a big part in the positive action towards the government’s goals of reducing fuel poverty. Worryingly, across Europe, the UK currently has the highest percentage of people living in fuel poverty. A huge factor in this is the quality of housing stock – the cost of heating it and the inability to retain the heat within the thermal envelope of the house. Appco Group and it’s clients tackle these issues head on, visiting thousands of customers a week in order to educate them about the available solutions and improve their own situations. Appco Group’s home efficiency clients are just as important as their customers While customer focus is clearly Appco’s top priority, our main function is successfully acquiring happy customers for our clients. Through partnering with the best companies in the industry, we help to build and grow our own network, our clients’ businesses and the energy efficiency industry as a whole. Appco Group Home Efficiency is: • helping customers to increase living standards • enabling the UK government to deliver flagship policies • generating unprecedented growth for our commercial partners • making the UK energy efficiency industry a viable investment and a growth opportunity • reducing the global impact of carbon emissions • helping the UK to lead the way in the international energy efficiency market. For more information on Appco Group UK’s Home Efficiency division, visit the Appco UK website.