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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Appco helps leading telco fortify cyber security in Singapore

Appco Group Singapore has signed up over 300,000 broadband customers for a leading telco in Singapore. As a result, these customers have access to services with more robust security that provides stronger defence against cyber attacks, which are becoming more sophisticated and pervasive. The telco giant, a client of Appco since 2007, is dedicated to developing a more “resilient cyber security ecosystem” in Singapore and providing infrastructure that offers more innovative digital services to Singaporeans and opens more doors for economic opportunities. “A resilient cyber security ecosystem will help reinforce Singapore’s position as a key business hub for innovation while building the foundation of a safe and smart nation,” said a spokesperson for the telco. Face-to-face field representatives in Appco’s network acquire customers for the company’s products and, just as importantly, raise awareness of the telco’s cyber-security mission for the country.