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Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Appco’s FW1 division: a year for the history books

Since Spain launched its FW1 division in early 2012, they have continually received rave reviews about the fantastic work they’re doing to promote the range of waterless car wash and wax products. More than 150 independent field representatives, contracted through the Appco España network, promote FW1 every day, in more than 2,148 gas stations and shopping centers across the country. And the numbers speak for themselves. In 2015 alone, they have sold close to 230,000 units, 77,763 shammies and 50,333 can triggers. Moreover, the Spanish team beat the record for the global division when they sold almost 8,000 cans in one week. The huge success of Appco’s FW1 campaign has led to FW1 sponsoring the Moto2 pilot Edgar Pons, the leading figure in the world motorcycle competition. Laura Byrne, Managing Director of Appco Group España & Sverige said: “It has been an incredible 18 months for the FW1 division in Spain. These amazing results are due to the very high standards that Santy Jimenez set in sales, growth and structure right from the beginning and maintains today. “Santy’s leadership and the incredible team work between the Marketing Companies and the team at Appco are the key elements that are making this division one of the biggest and strongest we have seen in Spain in years.” FW1 is also a hugely successful division for Appco Australia and is currently being rolled out to several other countries within the group.