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Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Charity dubs centre ‘the house that Appco built’

The support generated for the Heart Research Institute (HRI) by self-employed fundraisers in Appco New Zealand’s network has been recognised in the nickname the charity has bestowed on its Sydney facility. A group of fundraisers recently visited the Australian medical research centre and were told by the staff that the facility had been dubbed “the house that Appco built”. One of the New Zealand fundraisers, Nicola Roberts, said she was thrilled to visit the facility and see what her work had contributed to. “I was amazed at the difference the fundraisers within the Appco Group network have made to HRI,” she said. “It was brilliant meeting the team behind the HRI and some of the scientists. The fact that they call the facility ‘the house that Appco built’ makes me so proud.” Read more on the Appco New Zealand website.