Cobra Group latest news

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Cobra Group continues to support Lao orphans

The Cobra Group continues to support orphans in Laos through its CSR programme, providing health care, educational opportunities and life necessities for thousands of children. In a recent update from Support Lao Children, founder Andrew Brown said school holidays had just started, but that 150 children remained at the orphanage – either because there was not enough food in their village when they visited or because they had no parents to return to. Andrew said Cobra’s contribution had been put towards a number of projects and cases, including paying for a girl to be sent to Thailand for a knee reconstruction, and a programme providing milk for 180 children at the orphanage. “We continue to support the children at the orphanage with 10 meals per week through the holiday period,” he said. “We will receive 50 new children in October and we will provide mosquito nets, mattresses, clothes, mats and blankets. We focus strongly on the new children, particularly in their first few years at the orphanage. We make sure they are well clothed, have shoes, and are properly nourished.” The charity also supports a number of villages by providing water, eggs, milk, medical help and  educational support. It recently launched programmes in two more villages, bringing the total number of children under its care to almost 4000. “I am very grateful for the support of the many kind people who have helped with my programmes in the past. My vision is to improve the lives of thousands of Lao children in compassionate and culturally sensitive ways and to always strive to reach out to those children who are most needy,” Andrew said.