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Friday, January 13th, 2017

Cobra Group support continues to help Lao orphans

The Cobra Group of Companies’ ongoing support for orphans in Laos has recently helped save a boy’s life, and fund a knee reconstruction operation for a young girl. In an update from Support Lao Children, the orphanage’s founder Andrew Brown has stressed how important the funds provided by Cobra Group’s CSR programme are. With school holidays currently in full swing, things have not slowed down at the orphanage, where about 150 children are cared for. “These kids don’t go back to their villages for various reasons, but often there is not enough food when they visit or they have lost both parents and have nowhere to go,” Andrew says. “We continue to support them at the orphanage with 10 meals each week throughout the holidays.” The charity also continues to build on its medical programme, with the children’s hospital now offering close to full services, and dedicated staff visiting the orphanage each week. Hospital treatment is free, but Support Lao Children pays for transport and medicines administered through the nurse at the orphanage. “In April, we had to send one girl to Thailand for a knee reconstruction and she is now recovering well,” Andrew says. “We also had a boy hospitalised for six weeks due to a bone infection and he would likely have died if he hadn’t been taken to hospital.” As well as medical help, Cobra Group’s support contributes to a programme that provides milk twice a week for the 180 youngest children at the orphanage, and also helps fund programmes for a number of villages that the charity assists. With another two new villages now being served up by the orphanage, and 850 children under the age of 13 living in both, the total number of children now being supported by Support Lao Children is almost 4,000.