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Comparison Experts is the newst company in the Cobra Group of Companies

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Comparison Experts launches to offer clear and fair household bill advice

Customers looking for the best deals on everything from energy to insurance and mortgages to mobiles have a new avenue to turn to for impartial advice. Comparison Experts, the newest addition to the Cobra Group of Companies, is an online service providing people with completely free, fair and unbiased information for customers Comparison Experts launched this summer and is currently saving customers who switch through the service an average of £275 on their annual bills. Unlike other comparison websites where one brand may be promoted over another for profit, Comparison Experts is remunerated in the same way by every provider and advice is based on each customer’s needs. Along with finding the best possible deals, Comparison Experts does away with confusing jargon, explaining options and offers to customers in plain and simple language. “Comparison Experts was born out of the frustration of being unable to find genuinely neutral advice – so often comparison websites recommend products or services based on the commission they receive,” says general manager Andrew Lovell. “By providing customers with a clear, fair and impartial online service, Comparison Experts aims to be the service of choice when comparing utilities, financial services providers and much more.” To find the best deals for you, go to: