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Thursday, March 19th, 2015

More than £14m cut from UK homeowners’ energy bills in 2014

UK homeowners have saved more than £14million on their energy bills throughout 2014 thanks to Appco Group Home Efficiency. Field sales representatives working with the division have been educating the public on the different energy efficient measures available such as boiler replacements and solar panels, and how they can better insulate their homes. They have also been showing homeowners how much they could be saving on their electricity bills; helping them take advantage of the best energy deals available through Appco’s client partners. “It’s fantastic to hear we’re helping so many UK homeowners save such a huge amount on their electricity bills,” said Pete Carson, General Manager, Appco Group UK Home Efficiency. “Not only is it a huge milestone for the Home Efficiency division, but we’re also reducing the amount of carbon emissions, protecting the environment and saving the public money – a win-win for everyone involved.”