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Monday, July 6th, 2015

Support Lao Children extends programmes thanks to regular donations

Thousands of orphans in Laos are getting better medical care, nutrition and education thanks to Support Lao Children and its regular donors, including Cobra Group’s Cobra Group Foundation, the charity’s longest-running supporter The Cobra Foundation has contributed thousands of pounds to Support Lao Children’s projects, and founder Andrew Brown said the majority of the funds were going towards medical care for the 2,600 children currently being supported by the charity. Mr Brown said the introduction of a new children’s hospital and dedicated nurse visits to schools meant all the children under the charity’s care could now receive medical treatment. Donations over the past year have also helped the charity extend its village support projects, which include ensuring essentials like milk and eggs are in regular supply. “We are actively looking for new villages to support and anticipate starting one or more new village support programmes in the next few months,” Mr Brown said. “My goal is to have 10 villages under our support by the end of 2016, which will cover about 1,500 more children.” Improving education opportunities has been another success for Support Lao Children, and sponsors have helped provide 44 new computer terminals for children at the charity’s Numbuk school in north central Laos. In the last year, 145 children received full-time scholarships and another 73 received part-time ones. Most children without assistance are forced to return to their hometowns unemployed, but the scholarship programme gives them a chance to get into universities, and apply for teaching or government jobs. “From the 15 students that we contacted, I found that 14 had already found employment with the government, many becoming teachers in rural areas,” he said. “That’s a very satisfying outcome and shows that the scholarship programme gives these children a real chance of becoming successful in their lives.”

Changing lives

Among the children whose lives have been changed by Support Lao Children is Pa. The 14-year-old is from the charity’s Numbuk school, and suffers from a severe eye deformity. “There were no doctors to treat her in Lao so I made the decision to have her treated in Thailand,” Support Lao Children founder Andrew Brown says. “Her entire treatment took 12 months and included three trips to Changmai.” “There were numerous hurdles, however, her treatment was very successful and the outlook for her life has dramatically improved.”